We do not judge children on an initial audition, but give them an opportunity to grow in confidence and develop with our training programme.  We believe that every child matters, and do not exclude on the basis of ability, confidence, or disability.

Our sessions are designed to teach our members a huge range of theatrical techniques, but in a fun and entertaining way.  Our sessions last for two hours, as we believe that this is the optimum session time for both entertainment and education, a fact borne out by School timetables.

We believe that by rehearsing for productions, that our members learn far more than they do from an end of term “Showcase” performance.  Our members learn about script work, interpretation and drama practitioners and their theories.  This is done in the form of practical and enjoyable sessions. We will produce well known classics, Musicals and plays, as well as creating our own, which are written by Keith, who’s work is published and performed worldwide.  Up-Stage get to perform the premieres!

Our professional team do not just create a standard session plan and repeat if from group to group.  Our Schemes of Work are designed with individual groups and children in mind.  This is a full time passion of ours.

We take our groups into a wide variety of venues, in order to give them different experiences, and to improve their adaptability.